Welcome to this year’s Rancho Mirage Desert Classic Concours d’Elegance!

Welcome to this year’s Rancho Mirage Desert Classic Concours d’Elegance! This is where you can get the latest updates regarding this highly anticipated event happening on July 17 to 26, 2018. This year, we will be hosted by our event partner and sponsor, Westin Hills Resort and Spa located at the Rancho Mirage in the beautiful state of California. The resort takes pride in its world-class golf course and spectacular scenery which is the perfect setting for this motorsports event. So, read on to get detailed information regarding this exciting event starting with the Desert Classic Concours Vintage and Historic Race and the Tour Classique, and culminating with the Desert Classic Concours d’Elegance. The initial vintage car races will be held at the premiere Chuckwalla Valley Raceway and closing at the Westin Hills Resort and Spa. This is made possible through our partnership with the Vintage Auto Racing Association. This event is also sponsored by the Checkered Flag Club, Westin Mission Hills, and the Peterson Automotive Museum.

The Rancho Mirage Desert Classic Concours d’Elegance Event will feature an exhibit of more than two hundred vintage cars that showcase automotive excellence through the years. This is your chance to see these classic automobiles which are from the private collections of our partners. These vehicles are guaranteed to awe you not only in their beauty and design but also in their excellent engineering. Being well maintained, these automobiles can still run in perfect condition which can rival the latest models in the market.

Not into cars? Do not worry. We have something in store for you. The event will also feature an exhibit of other collection items such as the finest jewelry, watches, and artworks. These also came from private individuals to you better take advantage of this rare opportunity to appreciate these collectible items. There are also foods and beverages for the guests and participants. A live band will also play upbeat music to perk up the vibe and atmosphere of the event.

Browse our website and head over to our Photo Gallery section to see photos of past events so that you know what to expect. If you have joined us in the past, relive those moments with us and check out the videos we have made featuring all the winners and other highlights of the event.
Race participants can submit their application forms online. Inquire with us if you want to join the exhibits. We will be requiring you to submit photos and a short history of your vintage cars or other collectible items so that we can review them.

Come July 17, we invite you to go out of your garage doors in Milwaukee and drive to Rancho Mirage in California for one of the most exciting events this year. Best of all, know that when you participate in the Rancho Mirage Desert Classic Concours d’Elegance, proceeds from the event will be donated to our partner institutions in the Coachella Valley for charitable purposes such as ACT for MS, Loving All Animals, and Food in Need of Distribution.

Garage Door Repair Tips to Help You Save Money

DIY garage door repair is one of the most difficult projects especially if you are not familiar with all the handy tools or DIY techniques. A garage door is a combination of hard to understand the mechanism, complicated electronic system, and hard to handle materials.

Many people feeling it difficult to do these repairs and just leaves it to the expert technicians like, Badge Garage Door Repair to fix the problems of the garage door. Some problems with the garage door might cost you a lot of money. You will have to pay thousands of dollars to fix simple problems. Hiring professional technicians will result in efficient and secure garage door performance.

Some major garage door repair or replacement such as, broken garage door springs will need the help of professional technicians. But it is good that you must first inspect the garage door to diagnose the problems and determine whether you can fix them on your own before seeking the help of an expert. 

If you are experiencing that your garage door is making a lot of noises while opening or closing, the first element that you will have to inspect any rusty or damaged hardware or any rotted or older screws.  Many homeowners do not understand that rusty hardware and older brackets will work together that is responsible as the culprit when it concerns the problems of the malfunctioned metal garage door. If you have the ability to diagnose and fix these minor problems before calling out a professional, you will be able to save a lot of money.

If your garage door does not fully close, you will have to check the garage door springs. A garage door may go back before touching the floor, the main culprit is normally misaligned garage door sensor or tight garage door springs. A sensor that is not mounted properly will force the garage door to do some unwarranted actions such as; garage door will not open or close completely. To handle this issue, you will have to mount the sensor a little lower than the current location. You should also clean the lenses of the sensor to make sure that nothing will block the sensor because it can also contribute to many problems.

Doing a DIY garage door repair is not an easy job especially if you are not a mechanical type person. Remember that major garage door problems will not only hurt you but also damage your property if the issues are too trivial to call a professional garage door expert. Sometimes a malfunctioned garage door can even be fixed by just changing the batteries of the garage door opener. If you want to save your hard-earned income, learning simple DIY garage door repair and care tips will help you to restore your garage door.  

Restoring Vintage Cars

We have come a long way when it comes to the improvement of technology. This can also be applied to the availability of cars in the market nowadays. Now, we can already have a variety of features incorporated in the car that we are going to choose. Unlike before, it can already be in manual or automatic transition. The only thing you need to reconcile is your preferences. It is notable however that even if we already have so many new and more modern vehicles available to us, there are still those who love to acquire a second or even third-hand vintage cars. While this can pose as a million-dollar question for some, for others this is just understandable. This is because vintage cars bring forth a different level of appeal to the users. Not only can such cars be not anymore a common sight in the market, but it also gives the feeling of uniqueness.

There are many advantage of buying a vintage car, but the real problem now is their restoration. What steps to take to make them look just like new. After all, if you cannot do the restoration right, the value of the vintage car you are going to buy will be nothing. As such, you should ensure that you have the right knowledge on this so that you will not be wasting your resources. If you don’t, then it is also good to find people who can help you out.

Just to give you an idea, in buying a vintage car, it is important for you to be able to check the authenticity of the car that you are going to buy just like you need to check if you have high power variable resistors. Are all parts intact? Are they authentic? Does it seem as it they have already been tampered with? If the answer to the above-questions is yes, then most likely you are buying a scrap and not something of valuable. The secret is to make an outline of the particulars that you need to check. In that way, nothing would go amiss. You can ask the assistance of an experts on this or might as well let them handle the sales part.

There are instances when individuals still see the value for the body of the car they have an interest in. There is no problem in this. Just make sure that the cost will not exceed the benefit. Otherwise, all your expenses will not be worth it. Might just invest in a brand new car that can give you more value.

In buying a vintage car or any type of a car, it is important for one to set their budget. Let the seller set the price first and haggle. Do not show them how much you are willing to go for until they have established the selling price. You can also disclose an amount much smaller than your buying price. But the thing is, do not let the seller see instantly what you are willing to give for the vintage car. At the end of the day, you should benefit on your investment. So better be wise about all the deals you are going to make.


One of the beneficiaries of the proceeds of this year’s Rancho Mirage Desert Classic Concours d’Elegance is the organization that promotes the safety and welfare of animals called Loving All Animals. This organization work with other local and national animal welfare groups to ensure that animals get the best treatment that they deserve and those who are in need of care are turned over to families and homes that would surely take good care of them. Loving All Animals also promotes the preservation and conservation of animals so that we can protect their natural habitats, help revive their population, and ensure that the future generation will still get to see these beautiful creatures.

Another beneficiary of this year’s event is Food in Need of Distribution or FIND. They work hand in hand with Feeding America to provide nutritional education, food assistance, and other essential goods to those who are in need. The organization identifies places that have a high poverty rate and works with community volunteers and other humanitarian organizations to be able to reach out to those people who are in need of proper nutrition and basic goods. Special attention is given to children and senior citizens. Feeding programs are done in different communities, schools, homeless shelters, and other agencies.

Lastly, this year’s Rancho Mirage Desert Classic Concours d’Elegance has chosen ACT for MS as one of its beneficiaries. ACT for MS works with patients who are diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and their families to be able to provide them with medical assistance and support. They give seminars and training on the proper care for those with Multiple Sclerosis. They also fund therapy sessions, massages, and other health remedies to the patients. Some are also given financial assistance to help them with the bills that they need to pay. ACT for MS has been a pillar of strength and support for patients and families.

Factors That Affect Your Car Insurance Premium

It is essential to have your car insured for your protection. But amongst the many insurance providers around, whom would you choose? What factors should you consider when getting a car insurance? Different insurance companies have different packages and offer different premiums. It is up to you to make the choice. Before you sign up with any particular company, make sure you do your research and weigh the major factors that should matter to you when you have your vehicle insured.

The annual premiums for a car insurance can differ from one person to another. This could depend on his or her location, the type of car or vehicle that will be insured, the driver’s record, and the kind of insurance coverage that he or she would like to have. This is important to know so that you can get the protection that you want and of course, one that you can afford. Here are the factors that affect the price you have to pay for your car insurance.

First is your driving record. Of course, it would help a lot if you have a clean driving record for the past five years. However, if you got tickets or applied for insurance claims during those years, expect your insurance premium to be higher.

Second is your location or the state you are in. Each state has a set of requirements for liability limits to cover property damage, accidents resulting in injury or death of one or several people.

The third is the type of vehicle to be insured. The model and value of the car can also affect your annual premium.  Old models which are available in the model at a less expensive price can have lower premium rates than the latest models.  This is because insurance providers assume that it would be more expensive to replace the new models if an accident happens.

Lastly, your premium would depend on the type of insurance coverage you wish to have. If you want a complete and inclusive insurance coverage, you have to pay a higher price for your premium.

Investing in a car insurance will help secure your vehicle and most importantly, yourself, your loved ones, and fellow motorists.

Why Do We Collect Stuff?

Some people collect cars while some people collect action figures. There are some who collect bags or shoes or perfumes. Some people like to collect toys while some people collect stamps. There is so many stuff to collect and it is up to the person what he or she prefers to have a collection of. This stuff can go from being very expensive to the most mundane things around us. But one thing is for sure, these collections are considered treasures by the ones collecting them.

One might wonder what the fuss is all about when collecting stuff. Why cannot they be satisfied with having just one luxury car? Why do some people spend hundreds or thousands of money in just one action figure? Why do they have to scour different shops just to look for old stamps? Why do they look for old toys that have long been taken out of the shelves of toy stores in the malls? Exactly what good does it do to a person who collects these stuff?

Psychologists say that people collect things for relaxation. It reduces the level of stress that they are feeling whenever they could get their hands on an item that they consider of value to them. It also puts them in their comfort zone. They love everything they see in their collection. It gives them a sense of personal pleasure. They are able to appreciate the value and beauty that is inherent in their collectible item. Collecting stuff also gives them a sense of pride. They are proud of how much their collection has grown and how it has become a part of their identity. They are also considered knowledgeable about the items that they collect and people turn to them if they have questions regarding the items. These are just some of the reasons that experts give on why people collect stuff. But as long as it makes the person happy and they are not hurting anyone, who are we to question what they do?